Vista Alegre Museum wins RegioStars 2018 Awards

Câmara de Ílhavo praises the victory of the Vista Alegre Museum at the RegioStars 2018 Awards

The candidacy presented, which was outlined with one of the 21 finalists, focused on the requalification and expansion of the Vista Alegre Museum, a precursor project for all requalification of the so-called “Vista Alegre Place” in Ílhavo.

The President of the Chamber, Fernando Caçoilo, who was present at the awards ceremony, welcomed the achievement by the Vista Alegre Museum of this important European award, recognizing “the importance that this distinction has for the cultural, patrimonial, economic and tourist Municipality, given the undisputed business, economic and social role that Vista Alegre and its history represent. ”

In addition, Fernando Caçoilo did not want to stop “congratulating Vista Alegre and Grupo Visabeira, the Regional Coordination and Development Committee of the Center (CCDR-C), the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Center, Turismo Centro Portugal and an entire team entrepreneurial and municipal administration that was involved with a strong commitment and dedication, both in the Museum’s rehabilitation project in 2010 and in the present candidature, which resulted in the achievement of the important RegioStars2018 prize, transforming the Vista Alegre Museum from now on into a Heritage of Europe “.

The Vista Alegre Museum is the guardian of a collection that witnesses almost two centuries of brand and company life, including the avant-garde social component that Vista Alegre has always assumed throughout its history. Components such as Theater, Philharmonic, Soccer or Firemen are just examples of some of the many inseparable areas of the brand’s history.

The work carried out covered the most visible area of ​​the museum space, but also had a less noticeable component in the intervention of conservation, restoration, study, cataloging and acquisition of pieces, which allowed to constitute a collection already studied of about 40,000 pieces, making -or one of the largest in the world in its genre.

The RegioStars European awards identify and value good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects.

Fernando Caçoilo believes that a sign of confidence is given by the partnership between public and private investment, leaving a message to decision makers who often look suspiciously at these bets.

In the same vein, the autarch admits that such confidence building should allow for more agility and less bureaucracy.